Are panic attacks dominating your life?

Every one feels panicky at some time or another, but if panic is dominating your life then this artical may help you to think about taking control again.

The best way to describe a panic attack is an intense short period of anxiety with out any obvious explanation such as an external threat or medical reason. Panic attack symptoms can include breathlessness, faintness, nausea, chest pains, irregular heart beat, and feeling terrified. They are not life threatening but often the first time you experience one you think you are about to die or that you are experiencing a heart attack. The main trigger in panic attacks is often the fear that you are going to have a panic attacks. CBT offers ways of identifying the thinking patterns that are reinforcing this belief and causing you to panic. CBT helps  in retraining your self to cope with the irrational fear of panicking, so that you can begin to take control of the situation and enable you to increase your ability to cope with panic attacks if they happen and more importantly lessen your fears of them.

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