Anxiety 'the alienation of trust'

Estrangement and separation from 'trust' are some of the common causes of not managing anxiety. Self-doubt in oneself can cause the inability to cope and this can destabilise a person’s ability to manage anxiety.

'Self-doubt and should demons'

Over time the ego can become a sinister part of the psyche; this can then cause the development of negative self-concepts which in turn can create an internal communication which I described as ‘self-doubts and should demons’. Firstly this article will address the self-doubt demon which derives from the five hindrances; a medication concepts of Buddhist tradition. The notion is that, it creates doubts and disruptive messages that alienate trust; such as the idea that “I can’t cope” which is a common self-doubt demon that leads to distrust and the inability to manage a seemingly stressful situation.

Secondly the article will discuss the ‘should demons’, which originated from the transactional analysis framework written by Eric Berne in the early 20th century. The key concept was to explain the ‘should and shouldn’t’ notion which seems to be a way of blocking the reality of a situation. A typical example is "I should be able to cope or I shouldn’t be upset"; whereas the reality is "you are not coping and you are upset".

For one to understand the developments of the ‘self-doubt and should demons’ concept, and their usefulness in your psyche; an explorative research should be carried out on its origin. One important aspect of creating a dialogue and transforming your relationship with the ‘self-doubt and should demons’ would be to work with a professional, thus leading to building a stronger connection with trust.
Trust is a powerful tool when managing anxiety and can therefore, through accessing trust can bring about reassurance and minimised the biological symptoms of anxiety.

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