Am I fixed yet?

So some people ask, or maybe say, "I've been coming here over many months or maybe even years, when will I ever be able to fix myself?” or “Gosh, I’m going over old ground again…“

It seems, the more you know about yourself and increase your self-awareness, the more you become aware. And some stuff we go through and come back to it again and again - I just see that as peeling back the onion and just finding another layer of it that we probably weren’t ready to go to previously. 

If we’re looking at becoming the perfect person, well, apologies for bursting the bubble, they just don't exist! 

Let's think about mental health and physical health. We don’t go to the gym for twelve to twenty-four weeks or go running regularly for four years and say "right that’s it, no more to do..all fixed! My body and physical health are perfect and now always will be. I’ll never have to go near a treadmill or a dumbell again."

It’s an ongoing investment in our lives to keep ourselves healthy, both in body and in mind. So, are you fixed? Well, regular sessions to support our mental health, similar to regular exercise are about helping to keep us good enough, fit enough.

And for another analogy just to finish on: we service a car to keep it well maintained and driving to its full potential, if we don’t there’s a chance it may break sooner.

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