Am I depressed?

Everyone at some time in their life will have feelings of depression. Depression does not discriminate and can happen to anyone; whether male, female, young or old.

One in 10 people are now said to have a diagnosis of depression, and it will directly or indirectly affect everyone at some point in their lives. 

Everyone will experience periods in which they lack motivation, life feels meaningless or they feel stuck in sadness. The difference between having times of feeling down and depression is the persistence.

Generally there are two types of depression which can range from mild to severe - Endogenous and Reactive. Endogenous depression come from within and can link to other mental health problems. Whereas Reactive depression is often triggered by environmental factors - sometimes there is an obvious trigger or life changing event. It is however possible to feel depressed for no obvious reason, which can add to feelings of hopelessness and self-loathing.

Feelings of depression have been described as ‘frozen anger’ where you internalise your anger. Sufferers may also feel a lack of motivation or concentration and have suicidal thoughts. Everyday enjoyment is sabotaged for feelings of worthlessness, and you may also feel somatic aches and pains.

If you have feelings of low affect for a substantial period of time, you may be classed as depressed. There is a stigma to being depressed; the label often adds shame and hopelessness to the illness, making things seem harder and more helpless. However, there are many options available to you, if you feel you may have feelings of depression. Talking to a health care professional can open up more options and choices.

Counselling can also offer support with how to manage your feelings, and help you look at the triggers for your low mood - aiding your awareness and understanding.

However you choose to get help is your decision; but the important thing is that help is sought. The sooner support is received; the sooner life can become more manageable, rewarding and enjoyable.

You deserve to be happy.

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