Abuse comes in many forms

Abuse comes in many forms, most people do not even realise that they are victims. It can cause them to become introverted, angry, stressed, isolated or even depressed. Some people may become abusers themselves, continuing the abuse to others.

Abuse is when others cause you emotional, physical or sexual harm, this can take place in the home, in the community, at school or in the work place. It can be in the form of bullying, physical assault, it can be emotional or blackmail, but it is all abuse. Many people who are experiencing abuse believe they must have done something wrong and so deserve the treatment they are experiencing. The victim often needs many sessions of therapy to come to terms with what has happened to them. They have to learn that they were not responsible for the negative behaviour of others towards them.

The victim can be made to feel afraid, guilty, worthless, useless, unattractive, they may feel that they are going mad, these feelings are all felt by some victims. Victims can be men, women and children, abusers can also be men, women and children.The very old and the very young, the vulnerable in society or the very last people we would expect to be victims can be victims in our society.

Society finds it difficult to accept that some women are capable of abusing, physicaly, emotionally and sexually, but unfortunatly it is true. Cares can often be the people who are abusing or bullying the vulnerable. Many children are abused by their parents and other family members, often the abuse not comming to light until the child becomes an adult.

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