Five ways to bring more gratitude into your relationship

1. Tell your partner

A lovely exercise to help with this is to sit opposite each other and keep eye contact throughout. Take it in turns to tell each other why, what and how you are grateful for them and what you love about them.

2. Gratitude jar

Write down everything that makes you smile, that you are thankful for, what you love about each other and the best experiences you have had together. At the end of each year you can read through all the wonderful things together.

3. Do something unexpected

If you don’t usually cook the evening meal maybe give it a go, book some cinema tickets or take a picnic to the beach. The appreciation your partner will feel once you offer this thoughtful gift will be tenfold.

4. Gratitude journal

Both choose yourselves a nice journal so you can write down three different things every day that you are grateful for from your relationship to your workplace. The more you engage in this process the more you will actively look for things to be grateful for, which keeps us in the present with a sense of mindfulness.

5. Love yourself

Notice how you are in the relationship by writing down your qualities and what you bring to the relationship? Once you are able to love yourself as you are in this moment it becomes a ripple effect and everyone you surround yourself with will benefit, how wonderful is that.

The above applies to healthy functioning relationships that are looking to enhance their relationship. 

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