5 simple steps to break free from burnout

Although a bit of stress is healthy, when we tip over the edge, sometimes, it can become a spiral that becomes difficult to get out of. Before long, you can be experiencing burnout.


Here are five simple small tweaks you can make to your day that don’t involve huge commitments or big changes to your lifestyle but could have a huge impact on your stress levels.

1. Morning 'me time'

Wake up at least 10 minutes earlier and do something for yourself, whether that’s sitting with a cup of coffee and contemplating your day, meditating, yoga, or stretching. Just spend some time with you before all the world's demands ascend onto you.

2. Move it, move it

It doesn’t have to be a mammoth workout, there are plenty of ways to move and this will help to shift your energy. Whether that is putting your favourite song on and having a dance in your living room or walking to the shops instead of driving or doing a short five to 10-minute workout.

Every hour set an alarm and walk up and down the stairs or, even better, go outside and get five minutes of fresh air – whatever works for you. Moving your body signifies you are alive and will help to make you feel more relaxed and productive 

3. Feel it to release it

Don’t fight how you feel. Whatever you are feeling is signalling a need. Emotions mean motion. So, instead of suppressing emotions, allow them in and listen to what they are telling you:

  • Sadness – do you need a hug?
  • Fear – are you in need of safety?
  • Anger – do you want to be heard?
  • Joy – are you looking to celebrate with others?

Feel your emotions and attend to your needs.

4. Write it or reframe it

When something is bothering you, write it down. This will help you to release it or, better still, look at it from different angles or reframe it. So, if for example you are beating yourself up about not getting enough done, a reframe would be “I am getting what I can get done in the time I have.” 

5. Gratitude feels great

Reflecting on what you are grateful for every day for a couple of minutes in the morning and before you go to bed can help you to focus on what is going well, and what’s great about life and can have you feeling great!

These could be anything, things like a smile or a hug a family member gave you, your lovely home, or simply being alive. Better still, get yourself a journal and write three things you are grateful for morning and evening. And don’t worry about repetition – most things we are grateful for fall into similar categories.

All of the tips above are shared as small, easy steps you can implement into your daily life easily without huge effort. Often, it is simply about remembering to stop and do them.

You may want to set an alarm or calendar reminders in your diary once you start to make them a daily routine and reap the benefits of stress reduction. Soon enough you will simply not want to be without them. Enjoy.

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Northampton, NN3 3DA
Written by Anjana Rajani, BACP, LPC (Dip.Couns)
Northampton, NN3 3DA

Anjana Rajani, a professionally accredited practitioner working across 3 disciplines: Coaching, Counselling and Organisational/Team Development. Having had a corporate background, is passionate about helping senior leaders to escape stress/burnout to build resilience & confidence to lead themselves&others more effectively personally/Professionally.

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