3 ways to relax quickly - wherever you are!

1. Slow Down

Slow your breathing, slow down when you drive, walk, talk, type, read, cook, or anything else you happen to be doing.

2. Breathe Out

When you are stressed or hurt you tend to take shorter shallow breaths, hold your breath and do not breathe out properly. The in breath is about bringing energy, strength and alertness into the body and the out breath engages the systems in our body that are in charge of relaxation.

Make your out breath longer than your in breath. Count in for a count of 5 or any other number that allows you to breathe in easily and doesn't make you tense. Make sure you fill your lungs, and as you breathe out count to 7 - or whatever number feels right for you.

Concentrate on taking long breaths rather than big breaths and you shouldn't get dizzy or light-headed.

3. Engage your Brain

Go through the alphabet naming a country, fruit or animal with each letter.

Count backwards from 367 in 3's - something you cannot do without concentrating.

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