Counselling helps

Do you want to get an objective point of view to help sort out problems, difficulties, decisions or losses?

Have you experienced unwanted life changes and found that your usual coping skills are not working?

Are you concerned about issues that are too intimate to discuss with friends and family?

Do you feel it's time to work through (rather than around) past hurts, relationships or negative life situations?

Are you looking for information and resources so that you can deal with your personal concerns in other ways?

Have you tried to help yourself but the problem is still there?

Maybe nothing is wrong at all!

Maybe you want to be all you can be, and want a professional to assist you in the journey toward healthy personal growth.

If you can relate to any of these questions and feelings or you have others then counselling could really help you!

The basis of all counselling is objective and supportive listening and respect for the client as an individual.

Counselling is a therapy that is extremely beneficial. A Counsellor can listen to your story with candor and insight, giving you stimulating feedback and a fresh perspective. It can be helpful to have objective input from a neutral party, someone who is outside of your life.

A non-judgemental and trusting environment where clients can safely explore any issue that is important to them underpins successful counselling.

Counselling can be a temporary way of coping with difficult and distressing life situations. Most people will experience a feeling of relief very early on, merely due to the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings in a non judgemental, supportive atmosphere.

A longer course of counselling enables the client and Counsellor to look at deeper issues and work on a more fundamental level of consciousness, which will eventually bring about a greater awareness of oneself together with an enhanced ability to face life's challenges.

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