I was talked into counselling by the people around me after kidding myself for years that I was ok and that no one could possibly help me. I am so glad that I listened to the people around me because without it I don't think I'd still be here. Just having someone who will listen to you and understand when nothing seems to make sense anymore can make all the difference and can give you a reason for a little bit of optimism about the future, even if at the time there feels like no hope. I am still attending weekly sessions and I'm not at the point yet where I can cope with things on my own but I know I will get there. I have learnt so much already and have gained perspective on so many things. Going to counselling enables you to take a step back and look at your life and see changes that need to be made. I describe it as being an eye opener; before counselling I think I must have been walking round with my eyes closed my whole life! I would definitely recommend counselling. :-)

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