Rachel: Writing about my postnatal depression helped me overcome it


I first experienced postnatal depression (PND) after the birth of my first child in 2006. I very quickly became depressed, obsessive about safety, suicidal and felt resentment for my own baby.

I developed OCD, became fanatical about little rituals or routine and refused to talk to anybody about how I was feeling. Eventually, after weeks of self-harming, I sought medical help and was put on anti-depressants. I was offered counselling and moved back to my parents home for extra support.

It took me almost two years to overcome PND and I finally dealt with what had happened to me by writing a book about my experience. 'Strangers In My Mind' helped me let out all the secrets and emotions I had spent so long hiding. I wanted to make what I went through worthwhile and set up a website and a facebook group to help raise awareness of postnatal illness.

I would urge anybody that feels sad, alone or scared to talk to somebody.

Ask for help, because there is plenty out there!

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