World in motion: Regulating the human race using the vagus nerve

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26th November 2022, 10.00am - 4.00pm
Counsellors and trainees
Qualified practitioners £85, Counselling/psychotherapy trainees £75, WPF Therapy trainees/staff £60

This workshop will be delivered via Zoom.

  • Are you interested in practical tools for therapists to integrate working with the body, breath and movement into their client work, both online and in-person?
  • Do you want to explore the neuroscience of yoga and understand why it works?
  • What is the power of connecting with the breath and the autonomic nervous system?
  • What is the vagus nerve? Do you want to gain practical knowledge for the application of the vagus nerve? This understanding will support therapists convey this knowledge to their clients plus practical tools to share with clients.
  • What is trauma-informed yoga?
  • Do you want to explore the science of working with trauma-informed yoga, breath and movement and why these healing tools are useful in the treatment of trauma, anxiety and depression?

Trauma occurs when choice is taken away from us. As humans we need choice to self regulate, feel safe, create coping strategies and thrive. Self-regulation is essential for our sense of agency, positive self-esteem and well-being. We find equilibrium through the gentle rhythms of eye contact, smiling, crying, talking, laughing, hugging and unconsciously regulating the breath. 

The pandemic, driven by a narrative of fear; isolated and silenced people. Our community is now working with the tsunami of mental and physical illness across all generations; children, young people, the elderly, caused by the dysregulation of a human race who had a primal need to feel safe. 

Memory of trauma is often housed and re-enacted in the body. Traditional psychotherapy approaches trauma resolutions as something that needs to be worked through and understood. However, in this workshop, we will explore how various interventions can create change for trauma survivors. 

By the end of the workshop you will gain: 

  • An understanding of the scientific and clinical research findings supporting working with the body, breath and movement. Specifically, benefits for anxiety, depression, trauma, positive mental health and self-care.
  • New techniques and practical tools to work with non-verbal phenomena in your own clinical practice when working with anxiety, depression and trauma - focus on trauma-informed yoga.
  • A deeper understanding of the autonomic nervous system and poly vagal theory.
  • A deeper understanding of core body psychotherapy and trauma theory.

Workshop leader

Lorna Evans is an Integrative Psychotherapist, holding an MSc in Body Awareness and Psychotherapy. Lorna proudly integrates psychotherapy and the body with a focus on breath and movement as healing tools for trauma, anxiety and depression. 

Recently working on documentaries, projects and books with MTV, The Discovery Channel, Psychologies Magazine, BBC, SKY and Samaritans. Lorna has several books due to be published in 2022/23 and is a media spokesperson for UKCP

Lorna’s YouTube Channel, The Mind Movement, encourages people to find a therapist whilst sharing positive psychoeducation about staying well by raising awareness of the body, breath and movement.

Lorna has worked in primary care for the NHS and Mind for many years and now has a private clinical practice in the North East of England. Lorna’s clinical work is grounded in the knowledge that mind and body are fully integrated and what the therapist notices in the client’s body, or experiences in her own body, energy, tension, holding or other non-verbal phenomena is vital to bring into awareness and into the therapeutic work with our clients. 

Alongside her clinical practice, Lorna is very proud to teach trauma-sensitive yoga and learn from the students of the NHS Recovery College, Mind and many other trauma survivor groups and charities across the UK. 

Target audience

This workshop is suitable for qualified and training psychotherapists and counsellors. Please note that by booking on this event you agree to keep all discussion confidential.

Please also note that, by booking a ticket for this event, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions for CPD events, so please read through them carefully before making your purchase.

If you experience any problems during the application process then please e-mail

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