Working with perpetrators of domestic violence

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22nd August 2022, 10.00am - 4.00pm
Counsellors and trainees

This training has been designed for counsellors and professionals that want to know more about domestic violence.

If you work with couples or with clients that are wanting to improve their relationships, having an awareness is vital as you could be missing signs which could hinder the client in overcoming the need to abuse. This can also mean that you can be putting the victim at more risk and not reducing the impact of the abuse.


The content will be delivered over Zoom, and will aim to be as interactive as possible.

Throughout the session, we will have plenty of breaks, videos, and group discussions.


• How common is domestic abuse (DA).

• How an abuser might think.


• What power and control looks like.

• How equality can be developed.

• Tools to work with perpetrators.


• Tips for holding space with a perpetrator.

• Raising any issue with them.

• Safety planning.


• Group discussion.

• If you need support reach out.

• Confidentiality can’t be guaranteed.

There will also be handouts on completion to help you once the course has been completed.

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Hosted by Richard Cupid

I have worked with perpetrators for the last 5 years, either this has been face to face or in a group programme for Victim Support. I also specialise in working with men, many of which are struggling in relationship due to the abuse they instigate or have endured in childhood.

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