Working with neurodivergence in children and young people

12th July 2024, 10.00am - 4.30pm
Counsellors and trainees

There is an increase in awareness around neurodivergence in society which raises a lot of questions for us as therapists. Currently, it is not included in many counselling training courses.

Anecdotally I have experienced a rise in the number of clients that have approached me that are identifying as neurodivergent and I have had to research the subject and learn to adapt my ways of working.

​The workshop examines what is neurodivergence, how can you recognise it in your client, and what you might do if you notice possible neurodivergent behaviours in your client.

​We will also look at how can you work with neurodivergent clients and how this might differ from work with neurotypical clients, if at all.

​The workshop is suitable for any practitioner working with children and young people, adult clients who are neurodivergent or practitioners wishing to develop and enhance their knowledge and skillset, and support ethical practice.

​A certificate of attendance will be provided showing six hours of CPD.

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Hosted by Katherine Caffrey

I am an experienced counsellor, supervisor, and trainer specialising in working with Children and Young people. my training website has full details of my courses, and how to book. please email if you have any questions

Hosted by Katherine Caffrey