Working with dissociation & complex PTS(D)

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23rd September 2024, 9.30am - 3.30pm
Counsellors and trainees

The impact of childhood abuse (physical, sexual or emotional) or neglect and of living in dysfunctional environments has long-lasting effects on our clients. We need to understand the impact of long-term abuse, the role of shame and how dissociation presents in the therapy room to work effectively and safely with this client group.

In this new workshop we’ll consider:

  • the role of dissociation in childhood abuse and/or neglect
  • complex PTSD and dissociative disorders
  • parts of self
  • understanding why shame is so important to appreciate when working with traumatised clients
  • treatment strategies based on body therapies, internal family systems parts work, mindfulness techniques, and polyvagal theory
  • the challenges of working with this client group and understanding your own limits.

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Hosted by Lynsey Lowe

Lynsey Lowe is a BACP accredited therapist with extensive experience of working with survivors of childhood abuse. Sally French was a sexual offences specialist lawyer who worked for the CPS for 25 years. She is now a UKCP accredited therapist. Lynsey and Sally both enjoy training and working together to aid survivors and therapists.