Working with autistic clients: A neuro-affirming approach

4th April 2024, 10.00am - 1.30pm
Counsellors and trainees
Dymchurch Road, Nr the Light Railway Station, Hythe, Kent, CT21 6JN
  • Hosted by: Nick of Long Valley Therapy
  • This workshop runs between 10:00 - 13:30 (including a short lunch break)
  • Multiple dates available

We are pleased to announce our professional development workshop titled 'Working with autistic clients: A neuro-affirming approach', designed for therapists and allied professionals. This workshop brings autistic voices to the front and explores affirming ways of understanding autistic experiences.

The workshop includes three hours of delivery and discussion and aims to provide participants with an understanding of autism from a neurodiversity-affirming perspective. It is structured to facilitate a deep and empathetic understanding of the autistic experience, challenging participants to reflect on and evolve their professional practices.

This workshop is more than a learning opportunity, but acts as a call to action, encouraging professionals to become allies in supporting a movement towards a society that embraces neurodiversity. Participants will leave with practical knowledge and a renewed mindset that is respectful shifts away from a deficit-based model of understanding.

There will also be an opportunity to network during the lunch break.


Subject to tweaks, changes and updates

1. Understanding autism

Engage with the fundamental question, "What is autism?" through a lens that respects and values neurodiversity.

2. Self-reflection on unconscious bias

Identify and address your own unconscious assumptions and prejudices to foster a more inclusive therapeutic environment.

3. Challenging neuro-normative paradigms

Explore ways to challenge neuro-normative ways of thinking about autism and embrace a spectrum of neurodiverse experiences.

4. Beyond the linear model

Consider a non-linear model of autism that moves away from the damaging 'mild-to-severe' continuum.

5. Neuro-affirming theories

Delve into neuro-affirming theories of autism, including the concept of monotropism and the double empathy problem.

6. The autistic experience

Gain insights into the lived experiences of autistic individuals, encompassing stimming, sensory processing, the consequences of masking, burnout, and the pervasive impact of systemic abuse and ableism.

7. Crafting a neuro-affirming therapeutic approach

Learn how to use affirming language and adapt your therapy space to be more accessible.

Rethink your therapeutic model to incorporate a neurodiversity-affirming approach.

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Hosted by Nicholas Langley

I am an Snr Accredited Therapist (integrative-existential) who runs a private practice in Hythe, Kent. I am also a qualified teacher, with many years of experience developing and providing training for counsellors, therapists and allied professionals. To book a place, please visit

Hosted by Nicholas Langley