Working (and living) with OCD

29th June 2024, 11.00am - 4.00pm
Open to all

Hi, I am Nina, a counsellor and supervisor with many years of experience. I have lived with OCD all my life. I also work with many clients with OCD (adults and young people, diagnosed and undiagnosed).

It is a challenging, and often much-misunderstood, condition. Of course, each person with any condition is different, but I believe having lived experience has been really helpful when working with this issue.

I aim to use my personal and professional knowledge to help clients and counsellors understand more about OCD and how it works, and also to think about how we might make things easier for clients dealing with OCD. (This does not mean we would always be trying to treat OCD in talking therapies per se; understanding OCD better might sometimes mean working to help the client identify other support/ therapies that might be most useful).

This workshop will be focused on exploring these issues and how things such as psychoeducation, and introduction to Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), can help.

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Hosted by Nina Jellinek

I am a counsellor and supervisor with many years working with young people and adults.