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Waking up – women dreaming circle

This is a sacred and facilitated monthly circle space for a group of women
to come together to bring awareness and curiosity to our dreams.

Dreams are messengers and they are looking for a relationship with us.
The dream itself is neutral, it is our relationship to the content which is
ours to explore. We feel them in the body as we dream them in the
body. We day dream, we night dream, images come to us throughout
our lives. They play an essential role in our well-being and by coming
into conscious connection with them, more details emerge, revealing
messages to us.

In a circle of up to six, we shall tune into the aliveness and wisdom of our
bodies through somatic practices in support of our dream inquiries. Our
conscious embodiment shall be the ground from which we prepare for
the navigation of the dream world. Free from interpretation, the group

shall offer the individual dreamer our witnessing and any somatic
experiences, intuitions, insights, cultural references, images, emotions
etc which arise in response to the dream itself. This practice gives the
dream time to breathe and to be known.

There is a truth that the dream does not belong to the individual but to
the collective and from my own experience, I have dreamed on behalf of
others and received messages through other dreamers.

If you have any questions or you would like to attend, please let me know.
Booking essential. £10pp for two hours, tea/coffee provided.

Dates to be confirmed when enough interest is gathered.

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Hosted by Caroline Georgiou

My name is Caroline and I am passionate about holding circle spaces for women. I have been a counsellor for over 20 years and I am a registered somatic movement educator and therapist. I am a dreamer. I remember my first vivid dream at age 3 and I have been in a committed relationship with the dream world ever since.


Hosted by Caroline Georgiou

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