Understanding eating difficulties (live online webinar)

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27th February 2024, 9.15am - 1.30pm
Counsellors and trainees

Time is of the essence - early support is important...

Dispelling several myths, this informative live online course explains why anyone can experience problems around food, the impact of eating difficulties, symptoms to look out for, the importance of early intervention, how best to help and support – and more.

What you will learn:

  • why early support is important
  • how to react if you think someone is struggling around food – including what not to say and do
  • the potential physical and psychological harm that disordered eating can cause
  • a greater understanding of eating disorders and subclinical disordered eating behaviours – their signs and symptoms
  • the potential physical and psychological harm that disordered eating can cause
  • new skills around communication – how to approach the subject of eating difficulties or food avoidance
  • why it is important not to focus on food
  • a deeper understanding of ‘body image’ and perception and how media and society impact people’s body image and perception
  • the common myths around eating difficulties and problems with food
  • a greater understanding of the male experience of eating difficulties and the unique
  • barriers men may face in accessing treatment
  • new support and communication skills to offer help to males struggling with their mental health, body image and eating disorders
  • the function of food in mental health
  • what exercise addiction is, and its relationship to eating difficulties
  • the impact of gym and diet culture on our mental health, body dissatisfaction and
  • the signs and symptoms of muscle dysmorphia
  • the increased knowledge of the physical impact and social effects of having an eating disorder
  • effective ways to look after yourself – managing stress, anxiety and worry for the household
  • how and when to seek professional help

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Hosted by Human Givens College