Understanding anxiety and managing it without drugs

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Why take this course?

Prolonged and excessive anxiety also makes us susceptible to a wide range of mental health disorders and physical illnesses. But we needn’t put ourselves – or those we care for – at risk like this.

On this popular course, Joe Griffin shows you the best ways to reduce anxiety and successfully treat a wide range of anxiety disorders. He also explains the evolutionary basis of anxiety and looks at why it isn’t just ill health that causes anxiety in normal people but anxiety that causes ill health (for example, when raised anxiety levels suppress the immune system).

This indisputable mind/body link makes it essential that all health and welfare professionals are equipped with the knowledge and skills to reduce anxiety in people quickly – in order to reduce suffering and offer more effective treatment and care.

  • CPD Certificate included - six hours
  • online course with instant access
  • price includes course notes and life-long access
  • counts towards part one of the HG Diploma
  • special offer price available 

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Hosted by Human Givens College