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This is a psychoeducation event for general public/clients, who are stuck, confused or have overwhelming feelings and emotions that have been created by the therapeutic encounter and process (counselling and/or psychotherapy of any form including individual, couples, group and family therapy).

The types of issues that clients can encounter which could impact their lives include:

  • Unsure of direction therapy should take.
  • Not sure if the therapist is right for me.
  • Not sure if I am using the right type of psychotherapy (counselling, CBT, EMDR, DBT etc..) or what options I have.
  • Confused feelings towards the therapist.
  • Stuck and not making progress.
  • Feeling that no therapist is able to help.
  • Continuous cycle of starting/ending therapy.
  • Finding it hard or ashamed to say things to the therapist you would like to.
  • Feeling a loss/attachment towards the therapist even after ending therapy.
  • Feeling abandoned by the therapist.
  • Feeling angry/frustrated at the therapist.
  • Feeling your being blamed by the therapist.
  • Feeling the therapist is not being open and/or withholding information.
  • Constant thinking about the therapist.
  • Following the therapist.
  • Emotional and/or therapist abuse e.g. anger directed towards client.
  • Difficult endings in therapy.
  • Love and/or sexual attraction.
  • Finding it hard to end therapy.
  • Detangling feelings between that of a friend and therapist.
  • Boundary/ethical issues.

This is a confidential service. Please note we are not a complaints service nor a mediation service between the client and therapist or between the client and a professional body.

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Hosted by Mamood Ahmad

I am a UKCP clinical psychotherapist and am orientated towards helping clients heal through the process of therapy. I do this by just being me i.e. open, warm and creative. I specialise in client therapy to those in therapy and trauma/attachment difficulties.

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