The trauma and fear continuum

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6th July 2024, 10.00am - 12.00pm
Open to all
£ 35. 30% earlybird discount until the 1st of June

This is suitable for all counsellors and practitioners, regardless of your modality or level of experience. Book early for a 30% discount, which is available until the 1st of June. 

About the event

Fear/anxiety is the highest reported emotional state that people/clients seek support with, which can become completely debilitating (with stuckness). I will offer insight into what fear is/is not and how to work with fear via experiential experiments within the training. These lean into two-chair work.

These tools can be helpful for client work. Fear is a cognitive process and about the unknown where we become stuck and revert to unhelpful and out-of-date strategies (regress/fixed Gestalts). Trauma is in the past (be it small or large), and what we do is take our past and place it in the future.

This will be an experiential workshop, and there will be tools and resources that you may wish to offer to your clients.

The session will not be recorded for confidentiality reasons.

Here is some feedback from "Gestalt chair work"

"I thought it was one of the best short learning events I have attended in the past year. I liked the way you stayed focused on the subject, framing it with the four emotions. I found the concept of two chair work without two chairs immensely helpful. I have tried two chair work occasionally, with some success I think, but using two chairs felt awkward.

"I can now use the concept without that awkwardness, and online, and I believe that will make it easier for the client to get into it. I also particularly liked the advice to listen not only to what the client is saying, but also to what is missing from what they are saying. I think I do that anyway, but being reminded of its importance with that simply phrase was very helpful." - P.D. 04/05/24

Do invite your peers/ communities.

Refunds are available up to 72 hrs before the start time (less Eventbrite’s fees).

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Hosted by Stefan Charidge

Stefan is a UK therapist, counselling supervisor, international trainer, and facilitator with over 24 years of experience. He delivers training on various topics within many environments. He started his training as a Gestalt Counsellor i Do follow for updates via: Any questions? Email

Hosted by Stefan Charidge