The speech of earth - Ecotherapy residential training on Dartmoor

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10th - 13th October 2024, 5.00pm - 2.00pm
Open to all
Fully residential, delicious vegetarian food, with payment plans available, £590
Karuna Dartmoor, Widecombe-in-the-Moor, Devon, TQ13 7TR

The Speech of Earth gathering may call to you if:

You wish to explore your relationships with the wider-than-human world and what the intimacy of these relationships means for our collective health and well-being, in these times of great change, challenge and opportunity.

You feel a longing to live more soulfully in tune with the natural rhythms and cycles of your body and our vaster body – Earth.

You have an interest in Earth-based spiritualities or spiritual ecology.

You are a therapist, trainee or practitioner curious about working outside in our broader nature, exploring ecotherapy, wellbeing and embodied presence, for yourself, or in your work with others.

You are open to a more inclusive and expansive view and experience of bonding and attachment, that includes our Original Mother, Earth.

When we are born into this universe, we are born into our first ecosystem, our mother’s womb. When we are born into this world, our umbilical connection is transferred from our birth mother to the Earth mother”. Sherri Mitchell.

Course description

We are all indigenous to Earth. At times we can feel separate from, at a distance from our pulsing creaturely bodies and the life of our senses, our vaster body- Earth and the sacred.

During this reflective and practical gathering, we will open to the sensorium of autumn with the Moor and our kinship with all beings. Noticing how we too are being encountered, just as we encounter this animate Earth that breathes, senses and witnesses our human presence. With Autumn and Moor as our teachers, we reflect on life’s cycles and their expression through, and as our human presence.

Together we will create simple ceremonies, explore embodied movement, meditation, deeper ways of listening, slow down to body pace and open to the mystery of the seen and unseen worlds.

During our explorations both on the Moor and inside the seminar room, we will inquire into how being in this way may itself be a portal to; your inner wisdom and guidance, an archetype encounter, your relationship with your soul, a deeper release, healing our sense of separation. Then reflect on how what has been shown to us, what we have tasted, can be embodied in daily life and work, and become a way of being in service to what gives meaning and purpose to our lives, and to regenerative thriving life for a world in balance and wholeness.

The practices and explorations during the Speech of Earth happen both outside with the Moor – sky, rock, water, bone, branch, hoof, mycelium and inside the training room.

To attend this gathering you need to be able to stay for the whole gathering, have a reasonable level of fitness, walk on uneven, wet, slippery earth and participate in practices in a range of unpredictable weather conditions.

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Hosted by Ally Stott

Ally Stott - Ecotherapist, Mindfulness-based Psychotherapist brings a Wholearth Approach to her life and work. She has been working therapeutically for over 20 years and runs retreats, workshops and trainings. She offers mentoring to other therapists exploring Ecotherapy. She is passionate about the deep wellbeing of people and planet.