The internal saboteur

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11th July 2024, 7.00pm - 9.00pm
Counsellors and trainees
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We all have some form or internal dialogue with ourselves. Which is normally critical, challenging and gets in the way of what we might like to connect with (be it a person, activity, our joy/relaxation and so on).

Within the session, you will learn how to converse with the saboteur and see:

  • how a saboteur develops within the human experience
  • how it is connected to fear and magician (archetypal energy)
  • its purpose
  • how to recontract a purpose
  • that it manifests originally as an act of service
  • that it is trauma-based
  • and most importantly how to work with the saboteur in the therapy room, which requires a special type of language

What to bring: Your saboteur and inquisitive mind.

This will be an experiential webinar (NOT RECORDED) with CPD certificates and a PowerPoint hand out (after the event).

Gestalt chair work

I thought it was one of the best short learning events I have attended in the past year. I liked the way you stayed focused on the subject, framing it with the four emotions. I found the concept of two chair work without two chairs immensely helpful. I have tried two chair work occasionally, with some success I think, but using two chairs felt awkward. I can now use the concept without that awkwardness, and online, and I believe that will make it easier for the client to get into it. I also particularly liked the advice to listen not only to what the client is saying, but also to what is missing from what they are saying. I think I do that anyway, but being reminded of its importance with that simply phrase was very helpful.

So, a really valuable event and I shall certainly use learning from it in my client work. I shall see you again at future events.
P.D. from May 2024.

Feedback The Internal Saboteur 05/17/23 via online events

  • 78% very satisfied with the presentation
  • 22% satisfied
  • 89% said they would definitely recommend it to colleagues
  • 11% said that they would probably recommend it to colleagues

"Thank you very much for the interesting ideas communicated in an easy-to-understand way with pictures and metaphors. I also liked how the techniques were demonstrated on volunteers during the session. I now feel that I have a better understanding of psychology and a new technique in my toolkit."

"A helpful opportunity to be skilfully guided & to explore with colleagues the dual nature of the 'Saboteur' - destructive/discreative nuisance, yes - but also, valuable: s/he emerged as an act of love/service/protection in the past and needs to be honoured, transformed and reintegrated in the present as a partner, in the ongoing unfolding of our personality. I can totally recommend this brief webinar."

"Stefan's an excellent speaker; well worth taking the time to book a training course or a session of counselling or supervision with him." Do let your peers know and follow via EventBrite for future updates.

If something bubbles up for you within any of Stefan’s webinars, that you may wish to explore further on a one-to-one bases, you can contact Stefan via and arrange a one-off session or more.

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Hosted by Stefan Charidge

Stefan is a UK therapist, counselling supervisor, international trainer, and facilitator with over 24 years of experience. He delivers training on various topics within many environments. He started his training as a Gestalt Counsellor i Do follow for updates via: Any questions? Email

Hosted by Stefan Charidge