The 5 fives mindfulness - online event

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19th June 2024, 7.00pm - 7.30pm
Open to all

Revitalise Your Day with 'The 5 fives' group therapy: Ignite positivity, amplify productivity. Join our exclusive online session where in just 30 minutes, experience a transformative blend of mindfulness techniques. Delve into thought and feeling recognition, powerfully replace negativity with uplifted thoughts, engage in rejuvenating breathwork, and culminate with a meditation on positive visualisation. 

What are the 5 fives?

  1. 5 minutes of thought mindfulness
  2. 5 minutes of retraining your mind
  3. 5 minutes of breath work
  4. 5 minutes of meditation
  5. 5 things to be grateful for

What does science say?

Meditation and positive thinking, including affirmations, have been extensively studied in the field of neuroscience and psychology, revealing several significant effects on the body and mind

Here are some benefits of the programme

  1. Zen zone: Meditation slashes anxiety by 30%, keeping you cool under pressure.
  2. Brain gain: Just 10 minutes daily boosts brain power, enhancing memory and focus.
  3. Health shield: Meditators show stronger immune systems, warding off illness.
  4. Sleep saviour: Pre-bed meditation improves sleep by 65%, ensuring you wake up refreshed.
  5. Work wonder: Positive thinking boosts productivity by 31%, powering you to reach your goals.
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Hosted by Carmen Marshall

With over a decade as a therapist, I’ve guided individuals through transformative journeys. My own trauma-led healing path revealed my true self, enriching my practice. Recognizing that weekly therapy isn't feasible for everyone, I created THE 5 FIVES model for accessible, self-guided healing, fostering self-awareness and changing unhelpful pattern

Hosted by Carmen Marshall