Stress Management - Resolve your Conflicts - Reclaim your Life - Quickly

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The Clophill Centre, Shefford Road, Clophill, Bedfordshire, MK45 6AE

Stress is a gift from nature; a signal to change something or get help, which if not heeded can leave as feeling emotionally and physically unwell.

Reclaim your life with this one day, fast practical course that will:

1.Give you an understanding of stress by explaining:

-How it affects us and our performance

-The way in which our functioning changes under stress

-That vicious cycles of stress can be replaced healthily, with virtuous cycles

2.Show you how to respond by teaching you how to:

-Get and stay calm, build methods of intervention

-Audit and check how well your needs are being met

-Engage your own resources, change your patterns and build coping responses

Cost:£70 plus VAT

To book or

enquire:            01438 724145

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Hosted by Keith Abrahams