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“Soulhub DEEP events” - Hosted by Andrew Cuerden and Carmen Rendell

Every final Sunday of the month - online at Soulhub (donation based tickets)

To be human is to create, belong and express.

Within everyone there is a deep desire for a story to be told, a poem to be penned, a dance to be danced, a picture to be painted, a song to be sung, a spaceship to be built, or just a life to be witnessed and appreciated.

Deep events are where people from every walk of life who are seeking deeper truth, love, meaningful connection and purpose can find inspiration, support and a renewed faith in humanity, themselves and perhaps even a higher universal intelligence.

Through a fusion of transformative and soul nourishing real-life inspirational stories and soulful performing arts we all get to share and experience what it is to be human, and how through the power of honest and open stories to which we can all relate and find our own unique and innate power, joy and magnificence.

The events include a range of guest speakers and performers from everyday heroes and heroines to true masters in their specialised fields as well as contributors from The Collective Soulhub Journal, who all have incredibly inspiring wisdom, stories, humour, music, artistry to share. Check out for details of up-coming guest speakers and performers.

We aim to curiously and compassionately explore the new frontiers of our rapidly changing and evolving world, with the intention of inspiring and encouraging greater awareness, presence and compassionate connection to ourselves and others, supporting authentic self-expression, healing and empowerment.

The events are also aimed at supporting conscious and caring entrepreneurs, businesses and artists, offering them a platform to exhibit and promote their work for collaboration and sale. 50% of the profit from these events goes to the speakers and performers. Tickets are on a donation basis.

Participants will be invited (but not compulsory) to participate in interactive elements such as breathing, dancing, stretching, singing, drawing, painting etc as well as break out rooms and a Q&A to connect more deeply with others.

Essentially, it is a space where we encourage, tolerance and respect of differing perceptions and beliefs with a common intention of compassion and open-mindedness. A space of potential possibilities, opportunity and creativity. An environment where people can find inner strength, resilience and a network of support from fellow participants who can offer inspiration and empathy for common worldly challenges. Lastly, a space to find answers but also a place to inspire deeper questions.

Ideally we want people to leave Soulhub DEEP events with a smile on their face, peace in the heart and a spring in their step.

Please note - DEEP event content will not be freely accessible after the event. So please make sure you attend the live events.

For a taste of the type of real life Soul-stories...

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Hosted by Carmen Rendell

Carmen Rendell is an integrative therapist and Founder of Soulhub. She's worked with a range of clients, and set up a wellbeing platform encouraging others to understand themselves better. The event is co-host with co-creator of Soulhub, Andrew Cuerden a professional dancer and wellbeing guide.

Hosted by Carmen Rendell