Should I stay or go: Neuroscience of fearful-avoidant attachment

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2nd July 2024, 1.00pm - 3.00pm
Counsellors and trainees
Self-select fee

This is the third workshop in a series entitled “The Social Neuroscience Of Adult Attachment: The How-To Guide For Therapy”. This series combines the modern neuroscience perspective on human attachment with practical strategies for working effectively with adult attachment styles in therapy.

By interweaving the concepts of neuroanatomy, brain chemistry, and the evolution of species, we will paint a picture of how human attachment came into being as a biological mechanism according to the view of contemporary social neuroscience.

We will explore the relationship between the modern neuroscience of attachment and classic attachment theory. We might even explore some tentative links between different attachment styles and the four personality brain-system-based types proposed by Dr Helen Fisher.

Despite the complex nature of the topic, the workshop will be hands-on and use a detailed case study to illustrate these complicated concepts, providing you with a set of neuroscience-informed tools to better facilitate work with clients who wish to understand or adjust their attachment style. Throughout, we will clarify and simplify some confusing and redundant vocabulary around attachment themes and indulge in some myth-busting.

You will have ample opportunity to reflect on your own experiences, including a dedicated session to bring questions or case studies and share them with the group.

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Hosted by Ana Kozomara-Lund

Online Events x Ana Lund Ana Lund is a humanistic psychotherapist who is interested in the application of neuroscience and psychotherapy, uses original neuroscience-informed interventions in her work and advocates the cross-talks between the two disciplines. Ana is working on a book co-authored with a neuroscientist Dr Mike Tranter.

Hosted by Ana Kozomara-Lund