Safe and effective trauma therapy essentials

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5th September 2022, 9.30am - 3.30pm
Counsellors and trainees
£80 (discounts available)

New course - part one of a four-course series on working with trauma. All of them work as standalone courses or as a really informative series to develop your understanding and knowledge when working in this important field.

Sadly, if you work as a therapist you will inevitably work with traumatised people. Whether that be individuals who experienced childhood abuse and/or neglect, others who’ve experienced domestic or sexual violence in adulthood or maybe members of the armed forces, or others like police or ambulance workers who suffer trauma in the course of their working lives.

It may have been taught on your initial therapy training, but often not in great depth or with an understanding of the frequency within which it appears in the therapy room. If you trained 10 or more years ago then it may not even have been covered at all as this is a fast-developing area of research and understanding within the fields of mental health and neuroscience.

To work safely and effectively with trauma, you will need to know about and understand how to work with:

  • the three-stage model of trauma therapy
  • the impact of trauma, both in the short-term and over time
  • the difference between trauma, PTSD, complex PTSD, and other psychological diagnosis and what that means for clients and us
  • the inherent challenges of working with this client group

In this new course, we’ll guide you through:

  • Understanding the neurobiological impact of trauma and the latest concepts from neuroscience and psychotherapy, including the concepts of latent vulnerability, stress susceptibility and social thinning.
  • The brain’s systems of threat, reward, and memory.
  • How trauma is stored in the body and implicit memory.
  • The key concepts for successful therapy, including psychoeducation, window of tolerance, the importance of pacing and understanding how boundaries are impacted because of trauma and how to help clients reinstate them.

This course is aimed at students/newly qualified therapists or any therapist who didn’t adequately cover trauma in their training. It will look at the impact and mechanisms of trauma, and will include up to date theory and neuroscience. As with all our courses it will also take a practical approach of how to work in this field.

This course is one in a new series of four looking at trauma. Each of the courses can be taken as a standalone but form part of this series on the essentials of trauma work. If you book three or four of the courses at one time, you will receive a discount of £25 or £40.

To book, please visit our website.

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Hosted by Lynsey Lowe

Lynsey Lowe is a BACP accredited therapist with extensive experience of working with survivors of childhood abuse. Sally French was a sexual offences specialist lawyer who worked for the CPS for 25 years. She is now a UKCP accredited therapist. Lynsey and Sally both enjoy training and working together to aid survivors and therapists.

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