Race, culture and anti-discrimination

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Counsellors and trainees
£195 - 25 hours weekly online

This race, culture and anti-discrimination core competence training is for all counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and mental health professionals (including trainees). All parts are suitable for all in the helping profession.

The training is self-certified as being compliant with the following standards:

  • Race and culture core competence framework for therapists (TADF.co.uk)
  • BAME Positive Practice Guide (BABCP) including IAPT

This training is an important part of our anti-discrimination advocacy work to improve standards of competence in race and culture as it contributes to inequality in the helping profession.

Research and lived experiences states diverse heritage clients experience disparities in access, outcome and have much more negative experiences of therapy. Your support is much needed and appreciated. The training is also suitable for self-development.

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Hosted by Mamood Ahmad

Mamood Ahmad is a therapist, author and founder of The Antidiscrimination Foundation (TADF.co.uk) which provides diversity, intersectionality and anti-discrimination focused consultancy & training services to training providers and individuals.

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