Personal development group

07483 265 088 07483 265 088
11th September - 27th November 2022, 11.00am - 1.00pm
Open to all
£30 per 2-hour session x 12 sessions

A group can be a wonderful vehicle for deepening our self-awareness and understanding our relationships. A TA process group relies on the ‘process’ of the group and the interactions within it to provide the stimulus to examine what is going on within us – to surface our automatic patterns or, in TA terms, our habitual games and scripts.

We are able to learn about the responses we invite in others, and also understand our own responses to specific emotions and situations. Using the group as a space for reflection and experimentation, we learn to expand our capacity for intimacy, authentic relating, self-confidence and spontaneity. 

Each group consists of eight to 10 people and meets for two hours every Sunday morning on Zoom. I run the group in 12-week cycles and ask for a commitment from participants to attend once a week for the duration of each 12-week cycle. This provides a regular window every 12 weeks for some people to leave, and for new people to join the group. People are welcome to join for just one 12-week cycle or continue for several cycles.

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Hosted by Anjali Puri

I am a Certified Transactional Analyst registered with UKCP and BACP. I am based in London and offer TA-based psychotherapy and counselling to individuals as well as organisations, working both one-on-one and with groups. For more information, please visit

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