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About the course

Emily Gajewski has decades of hands-on experience helping children and adults successfully overcome or significantly reduce their self-harming behaviour. Her insightful training day demystifies the self-harming cycle, clarifies its causes and shows why we should not give up on anyone, even in the most apparently hopeless situations.

You will gain a wealth of new information, proven techniques and useful tips which combined will ensure you give sufferers the best chance of recovering good mental health and moving on in their lives – you will also hear from people who have been able to completely stop self-harming (or dramatically reduced it) and are now living fulfilled lives as a result of this approach.

If you would like to make sense of all the fragments of information you have about self-harming and pull them all together into a cohesive and effective treatment strategy, this online course is for you.

You can find out more and purchase the course here.

"The whole day has been an invaluable experience and helped me to re-evaluate what I have termed ‘self-harm’. It has alerted me to behaviours in the children I work with which I might otherwise have overlooked," (counsellor).

The course includes:

  • course notes
  • life-long access
  • CPD certificate (6 hours)

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