Online event working therapeutically with ADHD & ASD

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10th August 2024, 10.00am - 2.00pm
Counsellors and trainees

Are you looking to enhance your skills in supporting clients with ADHD and Autism?

This online course provides an introduction to effectively adapting your approach in the therapy room and offers insights into what you might see and experience in the therapy room.

As a therapist diagnosed with ADHD, I can provide a genuine and firsthand perspective of ADHD and its accompanying symptoms and traits.

This event is perfect for therapists, educators, and anyone interested in learning more about ADHD and ASD. Adapting our way of working is extremely important to meet the needs of the client. We will be covering a range of topics and looking at case studies. 4-hour CPD with certificate.

  • what is ADHD and ASD
  • the history of ADHD and ASD
  • stereotypes
  • ADHD/ASD and cross-over traits and anxiety
  • case studies
  • diagnosed vs undiagnosed and what we see in the therapy room
  • what we can do to in the therapy room and awesome qualities
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Hosted by Jodie Sturges

I am a therapist of 11 years and I have worked with ADHD and ASD for many years. My son is ADHD and ASD and I was diagnosed with ADHD in April 2024. I have been working with young people and adults throughout my career. I have a private practice based in Kent, Kent counselling services. I was a Counselling tutor for 4 years with adult education