Live Q&A with Linda Thai, LMSW

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9th June 2022, 6.00pm - 7.00pm
Counsellors and trainees
Offer price £199

Register for our course on Transgenerational and inherited trauma and gain access to 3 live Q&As with Dr Dwight Turner, Dr Stephen Gilligan and Linda Thai, LMSW! 

Most trauma clients carry complex layers of pain – and often, that suffering was passed on from previous generations. Whether it’s the result of abuse within a family … or the far-reaching, painful legacies of racism, oppression, and violence, these wounds can lead to decades of hurt and unhappiness, unless our clients get the help they badly need.

To effectively treat trauma, we must be able to provide healing for the complex, inherited trauma that’s inhibiting our clients today. Fortunately, thanks to innovative neurobiological research and clinical insight, we now have the knowledge and skills to expertly pinpoint and transform trauma!

Now, in this ground-breaking online CPD course, we’re bringing together a world-class group of innovators and researchers to share their in-depth insights and proven techniques that will help your clients take back control of their lives.

See the full course schedule and content and register your place here.

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