Live Q&A with Dr Frank Corrigan

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30th June 2022, 6.00pm - 7.00pm
Counsellors and trainees
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Join us for our Deep Brain Reorienting Master Class with Dr Frank Corrigan and gain access to this live Q&A!

Discover Deep Brain Reorienting (DBR): a unique psychotherapeutic approach that effectively heals both the shock and deep, enduring emotions of trauma and attachment wounding.

When clients experience trauma, their body may rapidly register an initial shock response from the threat of the experience. That shock becomes stored in the body, and if it’s not effectively processed, it will continue to wreak havoc through unexplained symptoms and an inability to fully process the emotions of the traumatic memory.

Trauma approaches that focus mainly on the deep emotions the client is experiencing may miss this essential element of shock, thereby inhibiting or blocking the healing. The revolutionary DBR approach of Master clinician and internationally-known Psychiatrist, Dr Frank Corrigan, is unique in its ability to access and clear the shock that preceded the deep emotions, allowing clearing of the persistent, often horrific, symptoms for the client ... and allowing clinicians to effectively treat the full impact of trauma!

Now, in this all-new Master Class, you have the rare opportunity to sit alongside Dr Frank Corrigan and experience DBR in action.

Through real in-session videos, you’ll discover practical somatic strategies that you can immediately apply with your clients. Then, you’ll join Dr Corrigan and PESI UK Director, Tracy Jarvis, as they unpack essential skills into a digestible step-by-step process, which can be quickly added to your practice toolkit, no matter what your therapeutic modality.

Don't miss this opportunity to experience Deep Brain Reorienting’s unique ability to heal both shock and trauma to dramatically improve outcomes—even with the most challenging cases.

For full details and to register, click here

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