Introduction to working with boarding school survivors

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15th May 2022, 10.00am - 12.00pm
Counsellors and trainees

What happens to a child or young person when they are sent to boarding school? What is the psychological impact of growing up without parents in an institution? A boarding school education is considered by many to be a privilege – how does this impact the child and the adult in our consulting room? How does it impact us as the therapist?

Karen Macmillan and Sara Warner are an ex boarder, non boarder team of therapists who specialise in working with this client group. One of our primary motivations for offering this training is to share our knowledge and experience of working with ex boarder clients because the trauma experienced by them, and those they are in relationship with, is often missed, and misunderstood.

We are also aware that most therapists have had the experience of working with an ex boarder client, and that the psychological impact of a boarding school education goes beyond ex boarders themselves. It impacts our society, and the siblings, partners, and children of those who have boarded.

In this introductory workshop, we will offer:

  • A theoretical framework for thinking about the psychological impact of this trauma.
  • A conceptual framework for understanding the therapeutic tasks.
  • Some ideas about how to work with this client group that can be adapted to your own modality.

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Hosted by Karen Macmillan

Sara Warner is an experienced humanistic integrative therapist who specialises in working with ex boarders. Karen Macmillan is a Transactional Analysis counsellor who specialises in working with ex boarders in Hove and online.


Hosted by Karen Macmillan

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