Introduction to shamanism and transformational energy healing

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2nd July 2022, 10.00am - 4.00pm
Open to all
£160 for the one-day live online Zoom workshop

Your soul remembers a place of unity and has a deep longing to reconnect to this energy; some call it spirit, the universe, love, God, or the quantum field. Whatever word resonates with you, your soul calls you forward to seek out this connection and make meaning of your life. There is more to this world than your senses perceive!

This live online workshop will combine science, shamanism and spirituality. You will re-remember your divine nature and the spiritual, energetic world you live in and its interconnected nature.

You will learn how to raise your vibration and tune into new potentials, accessing your intuition and highest potentials.

Shamans know that we are all part of an interconnected field or web of energy, they call this energy “spirit”. Shamans believe that spirit is the animating force of all life and the organising principle of everything in the universe. From atoms, stones, water, trees, plants, animals, humans, stars, and galaxies, we are all part of this conscious life-giving field.

Whilst I don’t want to take away from the magical and the mystical aspects of shamanism which I am opening the door to here, we will be wrapping science around shamanic knowledge.

In this workshop it is my hope that the science I share will “pacify” your left brain enough to enable effective communication with the right brain, enabling whole brain functioning instead of hemisphere bias. I want your inner world (the right and limbic regions of the brain) and outer worlds (connected with processing and the left brain) to have equal importance and balance, which as you will see is a vital part of feeling this spiritual connection and accessing your hearts infinite potential and intuition.

So, I’m going to blend the world of the shaman with quantum science so that we can take both hemispheres of your brain along with your heart and soul through this workshop.

In this one-day workshop you will:

  • Tune into a higher frequency and new possibilities in your life.
  • Understand your energetic nature and your interconnection with the world.
  • Work with your body, soul and spirit for balance and alignment.
  • Understand your emotions and their feedback.
  • Transmute stuck emotions in your body, chakras and energy field.
  • Transform old mindsets and emotions to create a new story.
  • Learn to access the hearts infinite intelligence, intuition, and your highest potentials.

This workshop will take you deeper into the realms of your conscious and unconscious processes. 

I will provide you with plenty of information, tools and practices for integration into your life to bring about inner transformation and change.

For you to get the most out of the course it has been designed with a combination of teaching, guided inner exploration, visualization, experiential learning and self-inquiry. 

The experience and insights from the course will be personal to you, and you will not have to share this with the group, unless of course you’d like to. I will also keep the group size small to ensure you have space to ask questions and have time to check in with me. 

I will ensure that the course is delivered in a safe, therapeutic space, with lots of laughter and light-heartedness too!

If this is an area, you’d like to explore more and you’d like to attend or want to know more then please contact Jayne Forster to discuss and book your place. 

Please note that due to the deep nature of this course Jayne requires anyone who is interested in attending to have a free 15-minute consultation prior to booking.

To book in for your free pre-course consultation please contact Jayne via email at or text 07769714092.

Places are limited and tend to fill quickly so if you are interested then let me know soon so I can reserve your place. The course will run with a minimum of four and a maximum of 10 participants.

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Hosted by Jayne Forster

Jayne is a qualified and experienced shamanic practitioner and psychotherapist. She provides a blend of modalities for healing & transformation on all levels of mind, body and soul. Jayne has over 20 years experience of teaching groups. Online workshops, one to one teaching experiences and healing sessions are now available online & in-person.

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