Introduction to Jungian principles and practice

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£280 for whole course or £30 per seminar
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In June 2020, I will be offering a new series of seminars which will provide an overview of Jungian principles and practices.

This is a series of ten, two-hour-long seminars which will take place on the last Saturday of the month over the course of a year. The seminars will be a combination of theory and experiential exercises.

The aim of the seminars is to equip participants with confidence in understanding the 'Four Pillars of Jungian Psychology' as described by Murray Stein - individuation, relationship, dreams, and active imagination.

No previous experience in Jungian psychology is required, and anyone who is a registered counsellor or therapist can use attendance at the seminars to meet their requirement for CPD (certificates of attendance will be available on request).

The cost of this course is £280. Where needed, it is possible to pay on a seminar by seminar basis, in which case the cost of each individual seminar is £30. However, in registering for this course, you commit to paying for all seminars whether or not you attend them all.

I have included a chart below with dates and basic information. If you would like to attend this course, please contact me for more information.

Introduction to Jungian principles and practice 

  • Seminar one - introductions, life map
  • Seminar two and three - individuation, the path of meaning
  • Seminar four and five - relationship, complexes, transference, projection
  • Seminar six and seven - dream interpretation - projective dreamwork and amplification
  • Seminar eight and nine - active imagination, using imagery and 'coming to terms with the unconscious'
  • Seminar ten - endings, the way forward, your vision
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Hosted by Nick Judson

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