How to make counselling more effective

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Counsellors and trainees

What is this course about?

This course cuts through the ideology and concentrates on what we know from research findings works – and why – important information if you want to ensure you’re helping your patients as quickly and effectively as possible.

Tutor Joe Griffin is an acknowledged expert on psychological interventions for depression, anxiety, anger disorders, trauma and addiction. He has transformed the outcomes of thousands of counsellors by showing them how to work with the givens of human nature – the result is a truly holistic, evidence-based and powerfully effective approach that empowers clients and helps them build resilience against future setbacks.

If you work with, or support, distressed adults or children, you will gain essential new information that will make your work easier and more effective.

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"I've learnt more today than on my 2-year university course!" (counsellor).

The course includes:

  • CPD certificate (6 hours)
  • course notes
  • life-long access

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Hosted by Human Givens College

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What's worrying you?

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