Free workshop: Working at relational depth with Mick Cooper

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22nd March 2024, 10.00am - 5.15pm
Counsellors and trainees

As a modern-day therapist or mental health professional, you have a wide range of counselling and psychotherapy skills at your disposal. But without moments of deep, interpersonal and authentic connection with your clients - these methods will only ever scratch the surface of your clients' suffering, and their deepest, innermost thoughts and feelings will remain hidden and untreated.

Now you can discover how to promote profound moments of relational depth and understanding with your clients in our free workshop led by internationally recognised psychologist, trainer and author Professor Mick Cooper.

Through a mixture of theory, practical and self-development exercises and discussions, you'll learn how to nurture deep trust and authentic connection with both yourself and your clients, so you can help them to heal their deepest wounds in even your most challenging cases.

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Don't wait to discover how achieving relational depth can promote healing and transformation in your clients and revolutionise your practice! Find out more and book your free place at

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