Free workshop: Treating trauma integrative relationship therapy

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17th - 18th July 2024, 2.00pm - 10.00pm
Counsellors and trainees

Intimate relationships are usually where the pain of trauma has the most catastrophic impact; damaging the crucial experiences of connection, closeness, and pleasure that all healthy relationships need.

As therapists, it’s up to us to guide our clients through the unexpected triggers and overwhelming emotions that result from trauma…

… without falling into the numerous traps that not only delay progress but can also be hurtful for you and your clients.

That’s why I developed this free workshop that will fully prepare you with the specialised skills you need for working with the most common types of trauma.

In this unique and completely free workshop, you’ll discover how to:

  • navigate trauma and sexuality
  • work with the diverse trauma responses that range from self-hard to resilience
  • customise your treatment plan for intergenerational trauma and systemic racism
  • understand (and avoid) trauma triangulation
  • and much more!

Plus, you’ll get access to free handouts that outline the exact steps and dialogue to use with both partners in relationships where there has been trauma.

You’ll walk away from this workshop with a clear roadmap to treat trauma that occurs within relationships, so you never have to feel anxious or unprepared again!

I look forward to you joining me.

Tammy Nelson, PhD, founder of the Integrative Sex Therapy Institute

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