Free workshop: Somatic approaches w/ Dr Abi Blakeslee

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12th - 13th December 2023, 3.00pm - 6.15pm
Counsellors and trainees

The living legacy of trauma devastates our clients and can result in distressing symptoms including impulses to fight, aggressive outbursts, self-destructive behaviours and even suicidality. What may usually be a calm and docile person can become consumed by uncontrollable anger... terrifying themselves and the people around them.

"When clients feel overwhelmed by trauma, talk alone isn't going to do very much. We have to go to the unspoken voice of our bodies" - Dr Peter Levine, world-renowned trauma expert and developer of Somatic Experiencing®

That's when we need somatic approaches that work directly with the body. But these techniques can be extremely difficult to learn, as they require us to observe subtle shifts in our client's posture, physiology and micro-expressions. How can we keep track of all these things on top of our usual therapeutic modalities?

Dr Abi Blakeslee has spent her entire career honing the key somatic skills that can be used to guide clients away from destructive states of anger toward healthy expressions of aggression and emotional regulation... and instructing others to do the same with their own clients in an easy to understand, step-by-step manner.

That's why we're hosting this free online workshop on how to apply somatic techniques when working with anger and healing trauma with Dr Blakeslee so that you can learn directly from one of the world's leading trauma specialists and leading Somatic Experiencing® trainers!

Mentored by Somatic Experiencing® creator and trauma expert Dr Peter Levine, Dr Blakeslee is trained in the field's most widely used body-based approaches including Somatic Experiencing®, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Hakomi, Integral Somatic Psychology, and Polyvagal-Informed Therapy.

Now you can discover how Dr Blakeslee applies somatic techniques in action through skills presentations and real-life footage of clients working through intense anger so that you can do the same with any client on your own caseload.

Find out more information and book your free place on the PESI website.

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