Free workshop: An introduction to psychodrama

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31st July 2024, 10.00am - 5.00pm
Counsellors and trainees

Some wounds are so deeply rooted in our clients that traditional talk therapy cannot reach them.

These often pre-verbal experiences can tear apart their lives and even their very sense of self, leaving them distressed, isolated and desperate for connection with no healthy avenues for relief.

But there is another way. Psychodrama is the unique approach that can access and treat these internal scars through safe and controlled external re-enactments to facilitate incredible therapeutic breakthroughs and profound emotional connections for life-changing results.

That’s why we’re hosting this free online workshop ‘An Introduction to Psychodrama: The Transformational Approach to Working With Parts’ led by industry-recognised Psychodrama pioneer, author and trainer Seamus Corcoran, MSc!

You’ll discover how you can use the power of theatre with your clients to facilitate paradigm-shifting insights and catharsis-fuelled processing on a deep somatic level using group re-enactments and role-plays.

Help your clients shine a light on their past so they can experience a brighter future.

Find out more and book your free place at PESI UK.

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