Emotional neglect and pathological mourning: A clinical webinar

8th July 2022, 5.00pm - 8.30pm
Counsellors and trainees

About this event

Emotional neglect and pathological mourning are often present among patients who request psychological interventions. Such phenomena are widely unrecognised by clinicians, sometimes due to technical knowledge and other times due to clinicians' own histories of emotional neglect or unresolved grief.

This webinar will aim to clearly define and illustrate how this distinctive (although inter-related) phenomena affect the course of psychotherapeutic treatments.

The seminar will cover:

  • Defining, understanding and assessing the presence of previous emotional neglect and pathological mourning in the attachment histories of our patients.
  • Understanding the role of healthy and unhealthy guilt in the maintenance of presenting problems.
  • Understanding the development of specific unconscious defenses and how they contribute to undermine treatment progress and success.
  • Employing clinical videos presentation from therapeutic sessions to illustrate the clinical concepts presented.

This seminar is only suitable for registered clinicians working in mental health or allied fields. The seminar is also suitable for trainees or professionals (i.e. assistant psychologists) working under the clinical supervision of clinicians registered with an accrediting body. 

Plan for the day:

a) Introductions and housekeeping (15 minutes)

b) Key concepts (45 minutes)

c) Break (10 minutes)

d) Video presentation of clinical material (120 minutes)

e) Questions and answers (20 minutes)

Key texts:

  • Neborsky, R. & Ten Have-De Labije, J. (2012). Mastering Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy: A Roadmap to the Unconscious.
  • Ten Have-de Labije, J. (1999) Maintaining Davanloo’s Discovery for Uncovering the Unconscious: an attempt at formulating operational definitions of the dependent variables. Part I and II. Ad Hoc Bulletin of STDP, Practice and Theory 3, 1, 4 - 21.
  • Ten Have-de Labije, J. (Editor) (2001) Red and Green Traffic Lights on Davanloo’s Road to the Unconscious, Part I in The Working Alliance in ISTDP: whose intrapsychic crisis? VKDP, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • Ten Have-de Labije, J and Neborsky, R.J. (2005) Understanding and Overcoming Instant Repression. Part I. Ad Hoc Bulletin of STDP, Practice and Theory 9, 2, 5 – 10.
  • Ten Have-De Labije, J. (2020). Stumble, fall and get up again on the road to the Unconscious. Practical Exercises for the IS`TDP therapist.


Dr Javier Malda Castillo is a Clinical Psychologist and lead of a tertiary Psychotherapy and Personality Disorder Department in the NHS. He is the founder and director of ISTDP-North, an accredited Intensive-Short Term Dynamic (ISTDP) psychotherapist with the International Experiential Dynamic Therapy Association (IEDTA), a Mentalization Based Treatment (MBT) supervisor accredited by the Anna Freud Center, a group analytic practitioner accredited by the Institute of Group Analysis (IGA) and a Tavistock psychodynamic psychotherapy core training graduate.

Important information before booking:

This workshop uses clinical material shared with health professionals after having obtained specific consent from patients. All attendees will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement and confirm professional membership details. Attendees will have to be professionals registered with an accrediting body and/or working under the supervision of qualified professionals registered under accrediting bodies.

*Tickets are non-refundable and please check your emails (including spam) for the confidentiality agreement. Attendees will not be able to attend if a confidentiality agreement has not been signed.

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Hosted by Dr Javier Malda Castillo

Dr Javier Malda Castillo is the lead of a psychotherapy and personality disorder service in the NHS. He is a UK trained Clinical Psychologist, accredited MBT supervisor and Attachment Based Intensive Short-Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapist (ISTDP). He has also completed psychodynamic psychotherapy training in the Tavistock.


Hosted by Dr Javier Malda Castillo

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