Deeply moving - dance movement therapy group

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Open to all
£20 per single session or £60 for a block of four

This is a dance movement psychotherapy group for adults wishing to explore thoughts and feelings in psychotherapy. Creative and mindful movement is a way of processing emotions and unsticking patterns held in the mind and body.

The session is guided, but the movement will come from the participants. Sometimes we’ll use music, and at others, we may not. Discussion and sharing may happen, but only by choice. Participation is always by invitation rather than expectation.

  • Are you struggling with low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, or grief?  
  • Is something blocking your vision, stopping you from moving forward or being your best, keeping you stuck and frustrated?

Maybe this group therapy can help.

Join me in this small group (maximum six members) with others who are also on a journey of personal development and healing. Working through issues in a community can help reduce feelings of isolation. Making authentic connections brings growth and healing.

While many welcome the opportunity to engage in movement and creativity, the prospect can also create apprehension. In this group, all felt experiences are welcome and useful. Participants are supported to explore their inner world with curiosity and compassion.

Admittedly, the thought of opening up in a group can be anxiety-provoking for some. Please rest assured that what you bring to the group will be entirely up to you. You are welcome to explore the past, experiment with new ways of relating in the present or take some space to simply be – if that is what you need. You will be under no pressure to do or say or share anything that you are not comfortable with. You are encouraged to show up as you are…. and to go at your own pace…

About dance movement psychotherapy

Dance movement psychotherapy (DMP)  is a clinical practice where participants work at emotional depth. It involves a clinical framework and creative process. This is not a technique class, but body movement is recognised as an instrument of communication and expression.

DMP is a relational process in which clients and therapist engage creatively using body movement and dance, as well as verbal and non-verbal reflection. There is no choreography to learn and no teaching of movements. The therapist guides participants to explore their own movement vocabulary.

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Hosted by Shirley Brocklehurst

I am a registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist. I provide a creative and calm space to work towards better mental and physical health. The body and mind are intrinsically connected and Dance Movement Psychotherapy is a process of making sense of blocks, confusions and overwhelming experiences in the body, for a balanced sense of self.

Hosted by Shirley Brocklehurst