December's live supervision at lunchtime: With Jeremy Holmes

02073 801 975 02073 801 975
1st December 2023, 1.00pm - 2.15pm
Counsellors and trainees
Standard £25.00 (Trainee/NHS/Subscriber £18.75)

Supervision is an essential aspect of the therapeutic process, providing therapists with valuable guidance, development of clinical skills and a reflective space to think about the complexities of their work with an experienced colleague. Live supervision offers a unique opportunity for psychotherapists to go ‘behind the scenes’ and witness the many different styles and approaches to supervision, offering insight and opportunity to learn from each other.

Each guest supervisor will present on their distinct theoretical orientations and personal style. Supervisors will offer techniques, interventions and theoretical perspectives that they have developed through their own clinical practice, experience of being supervised and offering supervision. With extensive experience in the field, speakers will bring together theory and lived experience ensuring that participants leave these sessions with new learnings, applications and adaptability to different and perhaps challenging case material.

In this session guest supervisor, Jeremy Holmes will work live with a volunteer, preselected by our team, who will act as a supervisee. This supervisee will offer a composite case or a case where permission has been granted to share. The session will begin with a brief outline of the case which will then be followed by an unrehearsed live supervision. There will be opportunities for questions and discussion with the supervisee and supervisor after the live supervision.

Beyond the theoretical paradigms, we hope to demonstrate the art of supervision itself – the delicate balance of support and challenge, the cultivation of self-awareness in the practitioner, and a safe and nurturing space for professional growth. These sessions will showcase how supervisors tailor their method to the unique needs and strengths of each therapist, honouring diversity and individuality in the process.

We look forward to welcoming you behind the scenes for these fascinating and rewarding monthly live webinars. 

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Hosted by Tavistock Relationships

This event is hosted by TR Together, Tavistock Relationships' professional learning platform for psychotherapists, psychologists and mental health professionals. Tavistock Relationships is an internationally-renowned charity for advanced practice, training and research to support couples, individuals and families.


Hosted by Tavistock Relationships

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