Dealing with conflict - the psychological insights and skills

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17th June 2024, 9.30am - 4.00pm
Counsellors and trainees
E E F Ltd, Broadway House, Tothill Street, London, Greater London, SW1H 9NQ

Knowing how to resolve conflict effectively is an essential life skill - improving personal and professional relationships, mental health, productivity and more…

Addressing interpersonal conflict using the psychological insights, concepts and proven techniques you will learn on the day helps us to solve problems creatively and improve the health and well-being of those involved. To lead a healthy life, we don’t need to avoid all conflict, but we do need to know how to approach it in ways which can help everyone involved meet their emotional needs, a win/win for all. Learning the human givens approach to conflict resolution helps to reduce the potentially damaging consequences of destructive conflict and embrace the benefits of constructive conflict.

Throughout the day, tutor Rupinder Mahil will draw on her own considerable practical experience of successful conflict resolution and mediation in a wide range of settings as she provides expert guidance and training in the psychological insights and skills you need to be able to constructively resolve conflict between individuals and/or groups.

  • Accredited CPD certificate: six hours.
  • Includes course notes and lunch.
  • Pay in three interest-free payments with PayPal.

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