DBT skills group for families and partners

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9th March - 27th April 2024, 10.30am - 12.00pm
Open to all
£85 per session

What is family DBT skills programme?

It is an eight-week skills-based group programme that meets weekly for an hour and 30 minutes to provide education, skills training, and support for people who are in a relationship with someone living with the diagnosis of BPD. Focusing on issues that are specific to BPD and emotion dysregulation, this group is led by trained DBT clinicians with a wealth of experience.

This programme will provide you with:

  • current understanding on BPD and emotion dysregulation
  • individual coping skills based on Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
  • family and relationship skills

It is also an opportunity to connect with and learn from others in similar circumstances.

Who should join?

This group is suitable for parents, spouses/partners, children, siblings or friends of someone with BPD or emotion regulation and personality difficulties who are willing to:

  • improve their relationships
  • consider how their behaviour contributes to negative interpersonal cycles with their loved ones
  • practice the newly learnt new skills (both in sessions and in daily life) and tolerate the initial discomfort it might bring
  • to attend all classes
  • to gain new knowledge and skills and create a toolkit for a more skilful, balanced life
  • to attend all classes
  • to gain new knowledge and skills and create a toolkit for a more skilful, balanced life.

What will the focus be?

  • psycho-education on BPD and emotion dysregulation
  • relationship and mindfulness skills
  • balancing your needs with the needs of your loved one
  • emotion regulation skills
  • creating non-blaming communication culture in your family
  • distress tolerance and individual coping skills
  • observing your limits during dysregulation and crisis
  • effective communication skills
  • validation skills
  • problem management skills

For further details please go to our website: www.mind-reframed.com/family-group

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Hosted by Luka Hadrych

This programme is facilitated by members of the Mind-Reframed team who are intensively-trained DBT therapists with a wealth of experience in working with people with emotion regulation difficulties. To find out more about us please go to www.mind-reframed.com/aboutus.