Creative exploring hungers

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2nd October 2024 - 22nd January 2025, 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Counsellors and trainees
£240 (£30 per session)

This is a fortnightly group with a maximum of six participants. The group will be held online and is only for trainee or qualified counsellors and psychotherapists. 

In this group, we will explore the Transactional Analysis theory of hungers in a creative way. We will explore which of our hungers are being met, which hungers are being repressed and explore reasons why this might be.  

You do not need to be training or trained in Transactional Analysis to participate in this group. 

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Hosted by Sharon Baker

I am a qualified psychotherapist (CTA-P) using Transactional Analysis as my framework. I enjoy working creatively and working with groups.