CCTP Systemic Constellations Training 2013-2014

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Counsellors and trainees

Systemic constellations work (SCW) is widely recognised as an effective method for understanding, researching and resolving everyday problems, various individual, family, group or organisational challenges as well as deeper conflicts or transformations of the self and the collective. SCW pays attention to the interdependence between individuals and groups in both their current and historical contexts. The wide range of applications is due to the method's effectiveness, versatility and adaptability to different settings. 

This 2013-2014 CCTP course is designed to suit both beginners and advanced SCW practitioners, including lay people, psychotherapists, and professionals in fields including but not limited to: management, coaching, consulting, therapy and healthcare professionals. The group is limited to 18 people in order to provide a lot of space for personal work and for facilitation practice. Some of the modules will be open to CCTP alumni or other trusted colleagues.

The course introduces the key approaches and debates in SCW and integrates key strands in current SCW on the following topics: SCW principles and purpose; facilitation principles, practice and techniques, ethical processes, family constellations, organisational constellations, environmental constellations, trauma, individual work, political constellations, applied research and integration of constellations with other practices such as Geshtalt, Mindfulness, organisational behaviour, applied or academic research, research and development and education.

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Hosted by Dr Dimitrina Spencer

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